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(Un)effective Public Administration?

In 2014 government prepared operation program Effective Public Administration. For the period 2014-2020 there are 335 million EUR allocated for the program. Are these funds that include citizen taxes invested effectively?

The End of Humankind in 20 Years?

Human civilization as we know it will perish in the years to come. The end will not be caused by a nuclear catastrophe or pandemics of deadly disease. Our end will be caused by our own technologies we are so proud of today.

What Can Artificial Intelligence Do?

Quicker than we thought, more groundbreaking than we imagined. That is the rise of artificial intelligence and not somewhere far away, at the far side of the world. Artificial intelligence is vehemently approaching also everyday reality of Slovakia.

Does Slovak eGovernment have a Vision? When will first projects of new period be launched?

Will opening speech of Peter Pellegrini answer these questions? Do we even know where we want Slovak Public Administration to be? Do responsible institutions have a plan? What are the thoughts of main representatives of Slovak eGovernment?

V4 – who draw the short straw in digitization?

Common digitization approach is necessary for V4 countries and it is good that there are regular events where it is discussed. Which one of Visegrad four countries is the most successful one so far and which one draw the short straw?

Technology vs. Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine

One of the greatest futurologist of present, Gerd Leonhard, will arrive to the autumn congress from Switzerland. A man who sees future before it comes, will come.

Internet Governance expert at ITAPA Congress

Jovan Kurbalija is a renowned Internet governance expert and author. His book An Introduction to Internet Governance (7th edition) is used as a textbook at universities worldwide (translated into 12 languages). He is a professor of Internet govern…

V4 ITAPA Award

ITAPA in cooperation with its V4 partners announces for the first time the V4 ITAPA Award for the best smart city and innovative services for citizens and businesses projects in the Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia).

Register for the ITAPA 2017 Congress

Registration to the autumn ITAPA Congress is now open. Come and see what we´ve got for you.

Looking forward to the ITAPA 2017 International Congress

The 16th Annual International Strategic Platform is going to take place on November 14-15, 2017 at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Bratislava. Key stakeholders from political and professional life will have the opportunity to discuss the latest questions abou…

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