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The End of Humankind in 20 Years?

Human civilization as we know it will perish in the years to come. The end will not be caused by a nuclear catastrophe or pandemics of deadly disease. Our end will be caused by our own technologies we are so proud of today.

Humans created technologies to serve. They know our addresses, phone numbers, what we had for dinner, and what we did last summer. Today, Google algorithms know about us more than our dearest ones. Technologies help us to cure, get pregnant, and evade daily traffic jams. We confide to them, we let them into defense of our countries and medicine. And they are getting better. Fast. Exponentially fast. They are becoming more effective, intelligent and omnipresent. They will not bring a slow evolution that we can prepare for. The wave that is already rising today is in fact a tsunami of changes that will result in the end of mankind as we know it today.

Soon technologies will determine birth of our offsprings, modify their genes and control our aging. Algorithms will define what kind of partner is the most suitable for us, what kind of work is the most satisfactory, what kind of vacation brings the most experience. They will define it based on facts and predictive capabilities we will no longer understand. Are we ready for the biggest loss of free will and individual control over our lives in history of mankind? Are we ready to become pets taken care of by their benevolent master?

Is there actually a good solution for humankind how to handle the rise of intelligent
technologies? The answer is yes and it is a shocking answer. Mankind as we know it today will perish even in the positive scenario. But what will come next overcomes the wildest ideas of science fiction writers. Gerd Leonhard, world class futurologist will come to ITAPA event to provoke with the vision of what our generation will experience.

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