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A Mindset Change as One of the Bulgarian Egovernment's Challenges

Since his graduation from Technical University of Sofia, Krasimir Simonski has participated in a number of Bulgarian and international projects in the field of information and communication technologies, electronic education and dissemination of b…

What will be the future of Slovak cities?

Modern technologies have made life easier for us in many ways, but at the same time they have brought new yet unknown problems.

Car as a mean beyond transport

Today, autonomous vehicles are one of the most discussed topics. Projects that would turn them into intelligent companions by using artificial intelligence, however, still lag behind.

Better and Faster Health Care

Although the medical profession is one of the most respected ones, there is an increasing need for doctors in Slovakia as well as in other European countries. As the population ages relatively fast, there will be an increasing demand for medical c…

“Cybersecurity – everyone’s business”

As technology continues to evolve, the concept of cybersecurity is becoming increasingly recognized in close connection with the threat of cybercrime. More than ever, topics on the protection of personal data, standardization of cyber protection a…

ITAPA as the Patron of the CYBERSEC 2019 Conference

ITAPA became the official patron of the 5th 5th European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC 2019 organized by the Polish Kosciuszko Institute as one of the leading think tanks in the region.

Magicless Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI). A term that can be regarded as probably the most mysterious in the world of IT. A concept that both attracts and raises concerns. While artificial intelligence is believed to improve all data usage processes, on the o…

Smart City: Barcelona

Barcelona presents one of the most popular must-see cities in Europe. Being a cultural and business hub, Barcelona is now the fourth most economically powerful city in the European Union. In 2009, it gained the status of the third strongest city b…

What do you want to reveal to the world?

You don’t mind exposing yourself on social media or you rather stay low-key?

Smart nation Singapore

At the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November 2018, Singapore won the Smart City price of 2018. This Asian financial metropolis benefits from its location even though it is squeezed between its neighbors Indonesia and Malaysia, ha…

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