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Accessibility statement

Internet pages www.itapa.sk were developed to provide maximum accessibility and functionality. Structure of pages and their control was developed to maintain their availability in alternative browsers and also to make available to people with specific needs.

Published texts are defined in relative units and it is possible to change their size using standard Internet browser tools.

For simple page use were defined following Access keys:
  • 0 - page content
  • 1 - access key help
  • 2 - main page
  • 3 - sitemap
  • 4 - search
Use of Access keys depends on browser used. Internet Explorer ALT+character and Enter, Mozilla Firefox, ALT+SHIFT+character, Google Chrome ALT+character, Opera SHIFT+ESC+character.

In the case of any accessibility problems or webpage functionality problems or technical inquiries please contact the webpage administrator at info@itapa.sk. Inquiries regarding content can be posted to info@itapa.sk, or to contacts in the Contact section.
Author is not responsible for the content of the site.
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