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Network: the place where you can fight hackers most effectively

Number of cyber attacks continuously increases, hackers use more sophisticated methods to extend malware and source program that will attack the network can be hidden e.g in connected printer. According to FBI last year cyber criminals earned approx. one billion dollars on ransomware only.

Attacks are globally spread much more quickly than before. Cisco Company finds the solution in concept of intuitive network with autonomous intelligence and ability to learn.
Number of devices connected to internet is constantly growing. In 2020, every hour 1 million new devices will connect to the network. This growth means higher chances of success for hackers. It will no longer be humanly possible to manage the number of connected devices and actions done by IT specialist manually today must be automated. Nowadays job market has lack of IT experts and if companies continue in current management of their networks, we will simply run out of IT specialists. Cisco believes that a man should set the rules and network will then automatically apply them. IT experts would thus be spared of manual settings that are usually time-consuming. 

Data encryption as a potential threat
Data encryption is for many users an integral part of company data protection. This demonstrates also Gartner study stating that in 2016 only encrypted traffic constituted 40% of all data. In 2019, this will increase to 80%. Encryption helps users to protect their data but it can be a threat as well. Traditional security solutions are not able to detect malware in encrypted traffic and hackers have a chance to hide the attack.
Concept of intuitive networks can solve this problem; it uses metadata analysis and contextual analysis of data flows. It can recognize normal and suspicious behavior of devices connected to network without the necessity to know the communication content. This process can be likened to airport check. No traveler wants anybody to see what he carries in his luggage. However, airport staff must know if he is carrying anything dangerous and so the luggage must go through security scanner. Security check worker will make sure that there is no threat without invading privacy of the traveler.
No company is immune to hackers
Previous Cisco CEO, John Chambers, used to say that there are two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those who don’t know they have been hacked. Companies must take into an account that they will become or already became victims of hackers. They should focus on early detection of the attack. Artifical intelligence is getting more and more important, for it can detect zero-day attack within hours. Standard security solutions detect this type of attack in 100 days on average. Ciso advises companies to use their whole network as a security sensor. 

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