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eBorders in UK

The UK Borders Agency’s e-Borders system currently tracks up to half of all passengers coming into and leaving the country, according to immigration minister, Phil Woolas.

The City of Košice has launched Online Forms

The City of Košice has launched electronic forms for easier communication of citizens with City Council. Its purpose is to minimize problems in filling and subsequent control due to automatic calculation.

EU Household Broadband Access Increases

The proportion of European Union households with a broadband Internet connection has risen to 56 percent, the EU’s statistical body, Eurostat, said December 8.

Increase of Broadband Internet in Slovakia

According to OECD, the rate of connection to broadband internet in Slovakia has increased by 3,7%. Connection to broadband internet in Slovakia is approximately 12,6% which places our country to 27. place from 30 OECD countries.

Polish Business Activities can be registered Online

Since 1 July 2011, it has been possible to register business activities in Poland through the Internet, provided that the entrepreneur has a trusted profile or electronic signature.

Estonian e-annual reporting voted best e-government solution of the world

The e-annual reporting environment, created by the Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems for entrepreneurs to enable filing annual reports electronicaly, was voted the best solution of e-government category from among more than 460 …

The Digital Agenda Summit

Towards a Common Goal: Achieving a Sustainable Internet Model.

Commission report highlights Europe's innovation emergency and analyses Member States' progress

The EU's innovation performance needs major improvements in many areas if the Europe 2020 strategy is to deliver smart sustainable growth, concludes the European Commission's 2011 Innovation Union Competitiveness Report.

NHS database: Digital disaster

A project that was supposed to transform patient care in England has achieved little.

Coordination Centre for German IT Standards starts

Nationwide standards for the public information technology (IT) are going to be developed in Bremen, northwestern Germany. The coordination centre for IT standards (Koordinierungsstelle für IT-Standards - KoSIT, in German) of the Federation and Ge…

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