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(Un)effective Public Administration?

In 2014 government prepared operation program Effective Public Administration. For the period 2014-2020 there are 335 million EUR allocated for the program. Are these funds that include citizen taxes invested effectively?

Operation program Effective Public Administration is under the Ministry of Interior. Its objective was to create conditions for high quality and accessible public services in an effective manner. From the total of 335 million EUR, the sum of 278 million is from European Social Fund, the rest comes from citizen taxes. Is the money invested effectively? Positive experience of citizens with public administration services is the basic prerequisite for them to feel that their money was effectively “invested”. 

It is important to understand public administration effectivity on two levels. “External level” is perceived by the individual user and organization, “internal level” is perceived inside the public administration structures. External effectivity requires acceptance of user suggestions and the best solution modern technologies and channels can bring. Internal effectivity requires consistent design how to provide these services from business level to IT level. These aspects must be supported as well by the legislation process; legislation must enable and support digitization and don’t limit it. The organization itself can with use of IT cloud services build culture that will significantly change the collaboration mode from document sharing to collaboration on more complex projects. For example, in General University Hospital almost 7000 people use cloud services; this provides more effective information distribution and improves communication.

To eliminate ineffective management, it is necessary to consistently modernize public administration. What is the efficiency of Slovak public administration compared to Czech Republic and what can be improved in next years? Is it possible to look for inspiration in commercial sector, in the ways how data and analytics can be used also for improvement of public administration services? We will find the answers during first day of ITAPA, in presentations of various experts and not only in the ones from the session Effective Public Administration. 

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