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Does Slovak eGovernment have a Vision? When will first projects of new period be launched?

Will opening speech of Peter Pellegrini answer these questions? Do we even know where we want Slovak Public Administration to be? Do responsible institutions have a plan? What are the thoughts of main representatives of Slovak eGovernment?

Slovak eGovernment has probably seen everything. Initial hopes followed by disbelief, roasting of the projects, revival, harsh criticism and a recent restart. How can we define Slovak eGovernment today? Does it fulfill the vision of transformation of Slovak society, or is it evanescence of innovation impulse or the threat of chaos and stupor?

Peter Pellegrini will present at ITAPA a fundamental speech on priorities and direction of eGovernment. Only few days ago security of whole eGovernment has been compromised and people still receive messages that it is necessary to change digital signature certificate. Can we re-establish trust in security of digitization? What are the priorities of Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for Investments and Informatization? Keynote presentation of Martina Slabejová will introduce several fundamental actions, solutions, and decisions drafted by the Office. Will this result in transformation of Slovak society in relation to challenges of 21 st century?
Loss of impulse for a change. This is what bothers Ján Hargaš from Slovensko.Digital. A lot has changed in last two years. And there have been many things accomplished. But is the appetite for a change evaporating?
Chaos and stupor. These are two main challenges that according to Emil Fitoš, president of ITAS, pose a threat to Slovak eGovernment project. These are two extreme poles that we need to evade. But how?

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