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What Can Artificial Intelligence Do?

Quicker than we thought, more groundbreaking than we imagined. That is the rise of artificial intelligence and not somewhere far away, at the far side of the world. Artificial intelligence is vehemently approaching also everyday reality of Slovakia.

Artificial intelligence might prove the current concept of eGovernment obsolete. It can
understand natural language and quickly and simply search for relevant content in the mass of documents or in speech. It can also understand needs of people before they even arise and before people start to demand a solution. Doesn’t artificial intelligence revolutionize the very idea how eGovernment should work? Filip Uram of IBM Slovensko will share how we can use artificial intelligence – Watson in various life situations.

Today, artificial intelligence has diagnostics results comparable with top class doctors. But while a doctor reaches top class level after decades of study and experience, artificial intelligence can manage it in a fraction of this time and not only at a prestigious clinic somewhere far away. No, if necessary, artificial intelligence can propose its diagnostics in the office of general doctor located around the corner. Marek Belička of Anext will talk about promising results and use of
neuron networks.

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