V4 – who draw the short straw in digitization?

Common digitization approach is necessary for V4 countries and it is good that there are regular events where it is discussed. Which one of Visegrad four countries is the most successful one so far and which one draw the short straw?

Digitization opens new possibilities for development of job offers and economic development in all V4 countries.  Innovation and digitization collaboration was the topic of several representative meetings. Prime ministers of V4 countries met this year in Warsaw to communicate primarily with IT and digitization innovators from Central and Eastern Europe. This resulted to signing of the Warsaw declaration on mutual collaboration in research and development that agreed on joint actions in introduction of innovations and new digital technologies including further development of EU digital market.

In October presidents of V4 countries met to discuss among other things digitization and problems related to it that have to be faced. They agreed that information and communication technologies and services are approved agents of sustainable development and inclusive growth. All agreed countries will endeavor in this growth and they will also share with each other results of their effort. Mutual action is necessary for V4 countries and it is positive that there are regularly held events to discuss it. This cooperation truly has added value for it provides support and strengthens digital economy of V4 countries and in Europe.

It is likely that even in the mutual space of V4 countries some countries cope with digitization more successfully than others (for now). Government representatives of Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia will talk during the gala opening of ITAPA 2017 International Congress about new knowledge and how V4 countries walk on their own and in the same time mutually into the digital era.

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