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At the spring ITAPA conference on the vision of slovakia, resources for reform, but also innovations in healthcare, or the action plan for cyber security

In less than two months - on June 10, 2021, we will meet and believe that in person, at the Spring ITAPA 2021 conference in a traditional place in the Crowne Plaza Bratislava hotel.

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ONLINE webinar on 23rd February, 2021! Digital Talk: How does good healthcare reform look like?

Slovakia’s healthcare system is ready for the reform. The healthcare delivery is inefficient, does not encourage innovations and ultimately leads to lower quality services compared to other countries. Recovery and Resilience Fund will provide new …

Pandemic Accelerates European Digital Transformation According to Latest Study from Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies’ third biennial Digital Transformation Index details how organisations are accelerating digital transformation projects amidst unprecedented uncertainty; 4,300 business leaders in 18 countries weigh in.

The new risk equation: Motives - Means - Opportunity

One of the simplest definitions of risk that I have found in my career is expressed in the form of an equation, with its variables, its factors, its result. This is (or was) the following: for risk to exist there must be a threat that uses a vulne…

A World of IN-Security

COVID-19 is showing us how fragile our world is and how rapidly our society can be at a halt. With ease. Many industries have been obliged to stop producing goods and have kept their employees at home… because of a virus, an external threat that c…

On the Road to DevSecOps: Three Benefits of Security Testing Automation

Most organizations who are in the process of transitioning to DevOps understand that this new software development methodology is really about a change of corporate mindset, improvements to internal practices, and the usage of development tools th…

CYBERSEC goes global and online in 2020

The 6th edition of the EUROPEAN CYBERSECURITY FORUM will be held on 28–30 September online. This year’s CYBERSEC leitmotif - “Together Against Adversarial Internet” and the mission of the forum will enhance cooperation of like-minded countries to …

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We want to hear about you! Especially if you have an interesting and inspiring project in the field of information technology. Do you want Slovakia to know about it? Take advantage of our Call for Papers call and submit your idea to the Internatio…

This Is What Happens When We Debate Ethics in Front of Superintelligent AI

Is there a uniform set of moral laws, and if so, can we teach artificial intelligence those laws to keep it from harming us? This is the question explored in an original short film recently released by The Guardian.

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