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Building a secure state

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important topic. That is why the European Commission has declared October as the month of European cybersecurity. This year targets two main topics of safe online behavior in our daily use of the Internet and rapidly changing technologies.

Cybercrime is profiting from cyberspace anonymity. Many public services require a lot of personal data from citizens, however, the secrecy, anonymity and security of these data are becoming increasingly important for citizens. In Slovakia we had a case of compromised password nbusr123, in the United Kingdom several cases of loss of personal or sensitive data have been documented through a non-passworded USB with information about upcoming public projects and citizens' names involved in these activities.

What can be done by the government to assure its citizens that their sensitive is protected? One step is to create a single transnational platform where organizations and states exchange their experiences and act together in the case of international cybercriminals. Another very important component in the training of public administration employees. People working in public administration have access to a lot of sensitive personal data on a daily basis, so they should be trained to handle data in a secure way.

We share more and more of our personal information online, but many times we forget to adequately protect it. That is why cybersecurity is a very pressing topic today. On Wednesday, 13 November, the International ITAPA Congress 2019 will introduce several experts on cybersecurity such as Vladimir Radunovic, Sergei Butenko and Rastislav Janota. In the next block, Radim Polčák, Lenka Gondová, Ján Majtan, Ivan Makatura, Andrej Aleksiev, Zsolt Géczi, Tomáš Hlavsa and Roman Čupka will look at various aspects of the fight against cybercrime. After lunch, we will focus more on protecting sensitive data from leaks. In the Cyber Security panel, Michal Sekula, Ján Odzgan, Peter Bíro, Tomáš Vobruba and Peter Kočík will focus on this topic.

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