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Spring ITAPA Conference 2020: Cities Of The Future - First Test The Functionality Of Innovation In Practice, Then Procure

The last section of the Spring ITAPA Conference 2020 zoomed in on the development and problems of municipalities and their response to it. While most Slovak towns and cities still deal mainly with issues related to transport, services for their ci…

Cyber security is a must. Otherwise it will cost you a lot.

How do you know you've been hacked? If you happen to notice small items on your account statement that you can't associate with any of your purchases? When your friends start asking you, why are you sending them special links and attachments? And …

Do You Live in an Intelligent City?

The term “smart city” is known to everyone. The question, however, is: How do we define what a smart city really refers to? And if there are smart cities, does it subsequently mean we also have “stupid” ones? According to Peter Bjørn Larsen of the…

Is the Drug for COVID-19 Already Known?

The artificial intelligence developed in Slovakia offers the answer. The results are promising as there are more potent drugs than we think.

How the Coronavirus Has Changed Our Experience in the Online World

The COVID-19 epidemic brought along many problems and affected every single person's life in Slovakia. Even though the situation will likely have radical economic consequences on the global scene, the problem can be perceived as an opportunity too…

Spring ITAPA Online, Autumn Congress Face-to-Face Again!

Basically from one day to the next, society had to adapt to the new reality caused by COVID-19. ITAPA is no exception to that.

Better and Secure ITAPA on May 26

No virus can stop you from being ahead on an innovative and secure ITAPA. We will not postpone the conference and wait for months to see what happens. We shape our future now.

Coronavirus in Cyberspace

Check Point's Global Threat Index shows that cybercriminals exploit interest in the global epidemic to spread malicious activity through several spam campaigns about the outbreak of a virus.

How Can a Country Profit from Cyber War?

Is it possible for a country that does not aim to spread ransomware and support hacking to profit from cyberwar? The answer is yes. Cyber attacks do great damage, but investment in defense promotes business activity. And the provision of cyber pro…

Ethical Aspects of Big Data

What can big data be used for? Their use is seemingly unlimited. The terms of machine learning and big data are being used in all possible industries.

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