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Smart nation Singapore

At the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November 2018, Singapore won the Smart City price of 2018. This Asian financial metropolis benefits from its location even though it is squeezed between its neighbors Indonesia and Malaysia, ha…

SPRING ITAPA 2019: Slovakia to get involved in smart mobility more intensively

The surrounding world, including our neighboring V4 countries, is active in development and research in smart mobility. Visions about smart mobility projects that should come into force in upcoming years in Slovakia were introduced on the ITAPA 20…

Virtual reality is becoming a part of our life

What does an ordinary person imagine when virtual reality is discussed? Star Trek’s Holodeck, in which spacecraft members simulated their dreams or maybe an amusement park simulation?

Spring ITAPA for Smart Solutions

Digitization significantly changing the world around us. It brings great opportunities, but it also presents potential threats in different areas. This was concluded on the ITAPA Spring Conference which targeted topics on digital transformation an…

Autonomous Cars for Better Safety

Car producers compete who will launch will launch autonomous car first. Society expects them to be safer and greener than today's vehicles. However, ethical questions like who will be responsible for collision or how to prevent cyber attacks are y…


At times of massive expansion of smart technology into everyday life, it is necessary to look not only at the benefits, but also at the risks that come along. Is Slovak eGoverment ready for possible hacker attacks?

"We will command the wind, the rain ..."

We consider ourselves masters of creation. We change the landscape the way we want, we change river beds, we build cities that rise to heaven. But sometimes nature let us know that she is the true ruler. Extreme weather fluctuations are increasing…

Slovakia as a Digital Tiger in 10 Years - Reality or Fiction?

Slovakia as a Top Digital Country? A country where cities will be full of smart scanners, where cars will be autonomous and where public intelligence will be operated by artificial intelligence? A country that will become the digital tiger of Euro…

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