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Car as a mean beyond transport

Today, autonomous vehicles are one of the most discussed topics. Projects that would turn them into intelligent companions by using artificial intelligence, however, still lag behind.

  1. Voice recognition

Artificial intelligence is being increasingly used by the general public as it becomes an integral part of our homes and mobile phones. Siri and Alexa have learned to answer our questions and browse the internet to look for answers. There is only a small step from starting to use AI in our cars as well. In the new Mercedes class, Siri will be integrated directly into the vehicle. Technology will recognize drivers' voice and communication.

        2. Remote communication

Do you remember David Hasselhoff as a Knight Rider riding super-intelligent car KITT? KITT was able to communicate with its driver, drive by itself and make decisions. What was once a TV fantasy is now turning into reality. Volvo drivers will be able to talk to their cars via smart bracelets. Through Microsoft Band 2, the driver will be able to navigate the car to set up navigation, turn on the heater, lock the door or turn on the lights.

  1. Checking up on chauffeur

External cameras for parking are nothing unusual anymore. There are projects that aim to develop an internal camera system that would monitor the driver’s behavior. Volvo is planning to launch special camera system that would recognize any behavioral deviation and subsequently instruct the car to either slow down, notify the call center, or to take control and park. The Israeli startup went even further by developing a system that monitors the whole car.

        4. Car psychologist

In addition to that, Honda has created an AI assistant that can identify the mood of the driver. By monitoring pulse, eye movement, facial expression and tone of the driver’s voice, artificial intelligence will be able to determine whether the driver is upset. If so, it can, for example, play soothing music.


Modern technologies will soon transform cars into autonomous cars or machines that carry sophisticated software which will recognize their driver and meet all his needs. The International ITAPA Congress 2019 will address current trends in smart car and smart mobility solutions on the first day of the congress on the 12th of November.

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