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Radim Polčák

Masaryk University, head of the Institute of Law and Technology at the Law Faculty
Radim Polcak is the head of the Institute of Law and Technology at the Law Faculty at Masaryk University. He teaches and publishes in cyberlaw and legal philosophy at Masaryk University and lectures as a guest at law schools and judicial training institutions in the  EU and the U.S. Radim is the general chair of the Cyberspace annual international symposium; editor-in-chief of the Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology; head of the editorial board of the Review of Law and Technology (Revue pro právo a technologie) and a member of editorial boards and governing bodies of ICT-law focused scientific journals and international conferences around the EU and Asia. Radim is a founding fellow of the European Law Institute, a founding fellow of the European Academy of Law and ICT, a panelist at the .eu ADR arbitration court and a member of various governmental and scientific expert and advisory bodies and project consortia. He authored or co-authored over 150 scientific papers, books and articles namely on topics related to cyberlaw and legal philosophy.
  • Security certification   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2019

    The NIS Directive requires the implementation of performatively defined security standards in the field of cybersecurity. The compliance logic, in this case, leads to a high demand for both audit and certification services between private and public baseline administrators, allowing official confirmation of compliance of the solutions with the regulatory requirements. The Cyber Security Act introducing a European certification system is now freshly responding to this request. The presentation will focus on the logic of the act and on the current state of its implementation. Particular attention will be paid to the critical review of upcoming certification schemes (systems), the functioning of national CABs in the small Member States, and the scope for an independent national solution in cybersecurity and related areas.

  • Platforms under control   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2016: Make IT Easy
    The phenomenon of C2C facility rental or service platforms emerged rapidly in past years. Apart global players like Uber or Airbnb, there gradually appear (and disappear) local or regional providers that offer variety of services from babysitting to cleaning or home culinary experiences. These platforms are professionally run by business establishments and serve standard public demands for food, accommodation, transportation etc. On the other hand, mere services are provided on C2C basis which makes it difficult to force them to comply with traditional regulations with regards to health & safety, taxation, labour conditions and other important domains. The paper will discuss these regulatory issues and outline possible developments of new European regulatory framework.
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