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Smart Visegrad

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Information about the project:
Forging the smart and innovative digital solutions in the Visegrad region in order to deal with social challenges on regional and urban level. The project aims to help to improve regional strategies and policies for demographic and other social and economic challenges in municipalities and regional authorities mostly by incorporating concept "smart regions and smart cities" into strategies. The smart solution concept also includes the creation of enviroment favourable to citizen participation, community cooperation, innovations as well as education and human, social and regional development in a broader sense. Therefore, by incorporating smart solutions into regional strategies and policies can greatly increase ability of local authorities deal with all types of societal challenges such as migration, population ageing, or even other challenges such as enviromental issues, economic restructuring and so on.
The strategic outcomes of the project will be:
  1. enhancement of Visegrad group into the digital realm;
  2. help the V4 countries to be among EU leaders;
  3. help to make the mutual V4 cooperation closer and more intense.
The project is an continuing cooperation with our partners from last year. The scope of activities that will be carried out within the framework of the project will cover the following events:

In Slovakia, it will be organization of a V4 Congress ITAPA 2018, leading strategic event dealing with digitalization of the society in Slovakia. This year ITAPA has become an official event of the Slovak Presidency 2018/2019 of the Visegrad Group. The congress will create a constructive platform within which the Visegrad countries will be able to exchange the best practice and share their national digital policy approaches. Along wtih ITAPA congress, the project will include:
  • V4 Cyber Securiy Workshop, focused on the exchange of experience and cooperation of public and private sector.
  • V4 Smart Cities Workshop for municipalities, city representatives and innovation experts from all V4 countries. It will be focused on the implementation of the smart city concepts and principles in practice.
  • ITAPA V4 Project Award for projects contributing to the development of the smart solutions in the V4 region. Winners will be awarded in a special awarding ceremony in November 2018.
In Hungary, it will be the organization of 3 days conference Infoter in Balatonfured, which is one of the biggest digital innovations related conference in Hungary. The three-day conference taking place from October 9 till October 11 in Balatonfured is one of the biggest digital innovation related conferences in Hungary with more than 2000 participants (decision makers, government, municipality representatives, SMEs, NGOs, etc.) The program focuses on several strands of digital innovation, focused especially on the social aspects of ICT. Th event will be also dedicated to trends on European and global level with the aim to inspire participants and speakers from the V4 region.  More information here

In Poland, it will be the organization of V4 Smart Cities Conference for municipalities, experts, entrepreneurs and media in V4 region. Conference organized for municipalities, experts, entrepreneurs and media in the V4 region will take place October 16, 2018 in Katowice, Poland. Conference details are available here , program is available here
Facebook page of the event is here

In Czech Republic, one day workshop Smart cities and regions: A system approach for better lives on how to implement smart city concepts and principles effectively in practice will take place December 19 in Prague. 

With all of above mentioned events and workshops we would like to create a platform with a goal to directly facilitate change of regional strategies and policies and thus achieve the changes of the current regional problems and change them into part of solutions. All together will build upon one another and aim to encouradge adoption of smart solutions into regional strategies and policies, build partnerships and foster cooperation of the subjects from the V4 region. 

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