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Terms and Conditions

The purchase of the service on our website may be made by both legal entities and individuals, subject to the following rules. 
  1. Order
  1. The consumer is ordering the service of the seller by registration form on
2.       The order thus executed is considered binding and complies with Act no. 108/2000 Coll. as amended and later understood as a distance contract.
  1. At every order, the consumer has to include name, surname, postal and billing address, phone number, e-mail; individual and legal person entrepreneur also , Business ID, Tax ID, number of pieces, date of order exposure (order created by online registration form fulfills these conditions automatically).
This data will be in compliance with the Slovak Act No 428/2002 Coll. Used only within the business relationship between seller and consumer and will not be provided to any third party.
  1. After order delivery, the order will be registered in the system of seller and exactly at the same time, the business relationship will arise. From this time the order is mandatory for the consumer.
  2. The consumer has the right to cancel the order without payment, latest 5 days before the event. At the cancellation of the order less than 5 days and more than 24 hours before the event, the cancellation fee will be invoiced to the consumer, in the amount of 50% from the registration fee. The consumer cannot apply for the order cancellation less than 24 hours (including) before the event, as well as after the event.  The order could be cancelled by written form, by e-mail or by the phone. The seller will announce „the confirmation of the order cancellation“ by written form or by e-mail.
II. Price and payment condition
  1. The price of the service is established by seller´s price list. The prices, established in the price list can be subjected to change without the previous announcement. The seller reserves the right to change the prices. The actual price of the service is always included in the online registration form.
  2. The consumer performs the payment by bank transfer or by deposit on the seller´s account.
  3. Provider of this service is the company Direct Impact, s.r.o., Dunajská 25, 811 08 Bratislava, IČO: 35 833 637, DIČ: 2020286873.
  1. Taking over the service
  1. The seller provides to the consumer ordered and payed services (entrance to the event, information materials, catering) during ITAPA evens.
  2. In the case of the „not taking the service“ (absence at the event), the consumer is not entitled to receive any payed payed money back. 

IV. Final provisions
  1. The seller reserves the right to change the price. In this case, the seller will contact the consumer. The consumer has the right to cancel the order (in the case of amended prices.
  2. The consumer claims that before the fulfilling or the announcing of the order, will be familiar with these business conditions and return policy and that he/she agrees with them.
From aside the other provisions of the contract, seller is not responsible for the consumer´s loss on profit, loss of the occasions or any other indirect or consistent losses in the absence of negligence, the breach of the contract or arose by another way.  
These General Terms and Conditions have been formulated and provided in a good will for the purpose of conditions compliance and adjustments of the correct business relations between seller and consumer. In the case that competent body of Slovak Republic will find out that some of these conditions are invalid or unenforceable, fully or partially, the validity and enforcement of other provisions and the rest of the particular provision will remain unaffected.  
Consumer´s rights in relation to the seller under Consumer Protection Act No.  634/1992 Coll. As amended by later regulations and Act on Consumer Protection in the case of sales and mail order sales no. 108/2000 Zz, as amended, remain unaffected by these conditions.

Legal relationships and conditions here not expressly regulated as well as any disputes arising out of non-fulfillment of these conditions are governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial or Civil Code.

4. The seller and the consumer have agreed to fully accept long distance communication - telephonic, leaf and electronic communication. These forms of communication are considered by both parties to be valid and binding on both parties.

These Terms of Business come into force on 26.04.2017.
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