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Applying behavioral sciences to public policies is a recent trend. The main advantage of this approach is low implementation costs and high efficiency of applied measures. In February 2019, a fully functional and dynamic unit of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investment and Informatization has been operating in Slovakia, known under the acronym BRISK (Behavioral Innovation and Research Slovakia - Behavioral Research and Innovations Slovakia). This unit brings behavioral interventions into the digital public service environment, manages the management of tools to achieve a unified UX service of the state so that service depiction is uniform and user-friendly, creates methodologies and guides, introduces a culture of testing and decision-making, collaborates with renowned domestic and foreign experts on the subject. BRISK, which also bears the informal designation "Empathic Center of the State", as well as its potential benefits for the state and the citizen, will be presented by his leader, Viera Hainzl.

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