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Michal Hrbatý

Representative of the European Commission

Michal Hrbaty works in the 'eGovernment & Trust' unit in Directorate General 'Communication networks, content and technology' (DG CONNECT) of the European Commission whose mission is to advance the quality and innovation of public administrations and accelerating the large-scale public sector and private sector use of trusted identification and trust services in the digital single market by leadership in the eGovernment agenda and in eIDAS. Michal deals with the evaluation and revision of the application of the eIDAS regulation and follows the work of the expert group exploring how to facilitate the cross-border use of eID and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) portability based on identification and authentication tools under the eIDAS regulation. Before re-joining the Commission he worked as legal and policy expert in both - public (EU institutions) and private sectors (regulatory intelligence and legal practice) specialising in the digital economy, data protection, banking, media and telecoms, competition policy and intellectual property.

  • Rolling out cross-border eID and trust services in Europe   |   Jarná ITAPA 2019

    The eIDAS Regulation is a major step in building a Digital Single Market and in boosting trust, security and convenience on-line, for governments, businesses and consumers. Thanks to eIDAS, the EU has a predictable legal framework providing legal certainty beyond national borders for electronic identification (eID) and for electronic trust services (such as electronic signatures, seals, time stamping, delivery services and website authentication).

    The rules on trust services entered into force on 1 July 2016, allowing these services to flow freely across the EU while enjoying full legal recognition. The rules on eIDs entered into force on 29 September 2018. From this date on, any citizen in the European Union can use his or her national eID means, notified according to eIDAS rules, to access online public services in any other Member State. To date 9 member states have notified their national eID schemes and others are in the process of completing this procedure, including Slovakia.

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