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Rastislav Bajtoš

OBJECTIVE A Senior Consultant, Business Developer and Telco industry lead with extensive CE experience and proven ability on building new revenue streams, Transformation projects, Business Consulting, with Finance Acumen background, willing to extend his reach in new markets and create enthusiastic customer relations.   SUMMARY 20+ years in a Marketing/Sales, Business Consultancy and management roles, with a track record of producing extraordinary results for more than 20 of IT and Telco industry players in CE countries. Brings new level of knowledge on Telco/IT and is recognized as Mr. Business developer and visionary marketer with strong negotiating skills. Energetic speaker and target oriented leader with excellent influen…
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Dr. Mark Campbell

Acting Programme Director – Devices and Diagnostics, NICE, UK
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Ľubica Hlinková

PhDr. Ľubica Hlinková, MPH, was born on 19.11.1971 in Bojnice. In 2007 she  graduated from Konstantin Filozof University in Nitra. The degree "Doctor of Philosophy" (PhDr) was acquired in 2008 at the St Elizabeth’s University of Health and Social Work, in Bratislava. From 2009 to 2012, she expanded her education at the Slovak University of Health in Bratislava, where she received her Master of Public Health degree. In healthcare, she began working as a nurse since 1989. She joined the General Health Insurance Company in 2007, where she began to work as a health care assistant, and continued to serve as a chief healthcare purchaser, Head of Central Purchasing, and from 2012 as Director of the Drug Policy and Central Purchasing Division…
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Peter Holba

Peter currently works for company TelenetDoctor as a Sales and Technical Director. He is responsible for the business activities and technological development of the telemedicine platform solution in Slovakia. Over the past 10 years, he has been involved in the implementation of innovative IT governance projects on behalf of several multinational companies such as SOITRON, Hewlett Packard, Oracle. After completing his university studies, he worked as a supervisor of information systems at VÚB, then as a Head of System Support at the Slovak Insurance Company and subsequently at Accenture as Operations Manager for various outsourcing projects.
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Eva Kováčová

League Against Cancer
Graduate of the University of Economics, Department of Business and Marketing. Since 2 December 2002, she has been in the position of Executive Director of League against Cancer. She contributes to the increase of the credibility of this civic association, which gained various prestigious awards - Via Bona, Volunteer Project of the Year "Beware Slovenko", "Daffodils Day", Superbrands, Orange Foundation Award. She was in charge of organizing the 17 annuals of the most famous public collection the Daffodils Day. She was at establishing three Centers of the League against Cancer, at setting up "substitute homes" for parents of hospitalized child cancer patients, at setting up a psychological counseling network in Slovakia, at setting up a f…
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Iveta Palešová

Iveta Palešová is a graduate of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Business Management. Since 1995 she has been working in the pharmaceutical industry. She started her professional career at Janssen-Cilag, where she worked for several positions in finance, logistics and pricing in a regulated environment. Since 2008, she has been involved in drug pricing, market entry, pharmaco-economic budget and cost analyzes in various therapeutic areas, data processing on drug consumption development, complex medical costs, and treatment effects. She worked at Roche 2008-2014, Amgen 2014-2017, and Novaris from 2017 until now. She has recently been particularly involved in the advent of oncology drugs. She is an active member of the…
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Marian Šimegh

National Health Information Center
Setting the right deployment strategy, implementing new architectural and security principles, rationalizing the operation of information systems using the eGovernment cloud are the priorities of the Director of the NCZI Architecture Section in the gradual introduction of eHealth in Slovakia, which is currently the largest project in state administration. Marian Šimegh graduated from the Faculty of Economic Informatics at the University of Economics in Bratislava. After graduation he worked in the private sector as an analyst, architect and later as a project manager in the IT sector. By 2010, he successfully completed several projects. Since 2010 he joined the National Health Information Center as an architect, where he later became a p…
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Martin Smatana

Martin Smatana studied at Oxford and Imerial College in London, where he graduated in health management. He worked in England as an analyst at a public health institute. From 2016 to 2020, he headed the Institute of Health Policy. He currently works in the field of artificial intelligence and works as an analyst for the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission. In addition, he cooperates with the Association for the Protection of Patients' Rights, is an advisor to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and the Family and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VšZP. He is the author of several publications and a member of the social protection committee of the European Commission.
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Richter Trevor

the Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment (CADTH), Canada
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