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Ľubica Hlinková

PhDr. Ľubica Hlinková, MPH, was born on 19.11.1971 in Bojnice. In 2007 she  graduated from Konstantin Filozof University in Nitra. The degree "Doctor of Philosophy" (PhDr) was acquired in 2008 at the St Elizabeth’s University of Health and Social Work, in Bratislava. From 2009 to 2012, she expanded her education at the Slovak University of Health in Bratislava, where she received her Master of Public Health degree. In healthcare, she began working as a nurse since 1989. She joined the General Health Insurance Company in 2007, where she began to work as a health care assistant, and continued to serve as a chief healthcare purchaser, Head of Central Purchasing, and from 2012 as Director of the Drug Policy and Central Purchasing Division…
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Jaroslav Lexa

Office for Public Procurement
Jaroslav Lexa has been involved in public procurement since the mid-1990s. He uses his practical experience from carrying out various purchasing processes (through VO rules) in teaching and educational activities. He promotes the application of innovative procedures in this area, including responsible procurement, especially the social aspect and environmental protection. From 2018 to 2020, he worked as the director of the Institute of Public Procurement at the Office for Public Procurement, where he mainly deals with analytical work, building a pro-client approach and education in the field of public procurement. After being appointed as the vice-chairman of the Office for Public Procurement, he acts as a member of the Council of t…
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Jana Bittó Cigániková

Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic for Health
Chairwoman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Committee for Health Care, Member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, SaS team leader for health care. She graduated from the Faculty of Public Administration of the University of Economics and Public Administration in Bratislava, Department of Public Administration Management and Central European Management Institute (Prague), Department of Healthcare Management. She has experience in communal politics and has completed a number of internships in medical facilities. Together with a team of experts, she has prepared the historically best-rated program in the field of healthcare.
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Juraj Tkáč

Union of Public Procurement Professionals
JUDr. Juraj Tkáč Phd. is the chairman of the Union of Public Procurement Professionals. He is currently managing the public procurement process for the construction of the New Martin Hospital. He is an expert guarantor for public procurement and publishes on the topic of public procurement not only in Slovakia but also abroad.
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Ondrej Kuruc

Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic
At the Ministry of Transport, as Director General, he is tasked with implementing knowledge and processes with regard to subordinate organizations within the Ministry of Transport. At the Ministry of Health, he performed conceptual, coordination and control activities at the level of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic in the field of public procurement. He coordinated and methodically directed the procurement process in relation to organizations under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior, assessed and controlled the public procurement process in the health sector, issued expert opinions on public procurement processes in the health sector. He carried out central purchases in the health department, established cen…
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