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Ondrej Kuruc

Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic, general director

At the Ministry of Transport, as Director General, he is tasked with implementing knowledge and processes with regard to subordinate organizations within the Ministry of Transport.
At the Ministry of Health, he performed conceptual, coordination and control activities at the level of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic in the field of public procurement. He coordinated and methodically directed the procurement process in relation to organizations under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior, assessed and controlled the public procurement process in the health sector, issued expert opinions on public procurement processes in the health sector.
He carried out central purchases in the health department, established central Dynamic purchasing systems and participated in the creation of the FLASHBONE system, which was used by the Ministry of Health for the purchase of breathing apparatus during the critical period surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and at the State Material Reserves Administration for the purchase of PPE.
As a lecturer and trainer, he regularly participates in various procurement-related trainings and holds a certificate for technical preparation and administration of eAuctions and tendering. He is a graduate of the certified semester course DIGITAL BUYING TEAM.
He works in other important positions, he is the chairman of the supervisory body of INMM Košice, he is engaged in publishing and lecturing.

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