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Tomáš Koščo

Deep Art Medicine, CEO
Ing. Tomáš Koščo, CEO, Deep Art Medicine. He works as a crisis manager in the companies SlovakTransLine and DZS - M.K Trans, s.r.o. In 2021, he undertook the creation of a top team of experts in the field of medical imaging, thanks to which the start-up Deep Art Medicine was created in Slovakia today, dealing with the development of revolutionary artificial intelligence models for radiology and radiotherapy.
The novel approach come from the unique background of the CTO. Denis Kutnár, PhD candidate at Rigshospitalet, Department of Oncology, and the University of Copenhagen, Computer Science, Denmark. Previously affiliated at University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU), Netherlands, where obtained a Master's in biomedical sciences. Expertise in Medical Image Analysis and Deep Learning. Working on a variety of different projects related to Medical Image Analysis as metastatic breast cancer segmentation, post-radiotherapy recurrence prediction in HNSCC, or optimizing radiation dose planning using deep learning for Hodgkin lymphoma patients. Awarded at MICCAI 2021 as the best-devised approach for vascular lesion detection challenge.
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