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Tomáš Jucha

Tomáš Jucha is responsible for the management and substantive directions of the AmCham Committee for Healthcare. At the same time, he acts as part of the AmCham team, which covers digital policies, needs and aspects of the digital transformation of Slovakia and its economy, which AmCham members consider important. Before his current occupation, he worked for almost 4 years at the ministry responsible for the informatization of society, where he led the team covering the creation of national and international digital policies, the support and development of artificial intelligence in Slovakia, as well as the development of digital skills. He represented MIRRI SR in the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs and in the slovak.AI platform, as well as in its successor organization AIslovakIA. He likes to connect various interests and unite actors from the business sphere, academia, civil society and the public sector with the aim of improving Slovakia's preparedness and capabilities for upcoming challenges and opportunities brought by many megatrends, such as the onset of new technologies, population aging, climate change, crisis health systems, as well as the health status of individuals. Tomáš's specific expertise includes community building in the field of digital skills and responsible artificial intelligence, creation of related public policies, negotiation in international forums and promotion of responsible digitization of the economy and society through the deployment of trusted technologies. Tomáš is sincerely convinced that the connection of individual well-being, mutual respect, protection of diversity and care for the environment are necessary prerequisites for achieving a future worth living in. Since 2020, Tomáš has been a member of the Permanent Commission for Ethics and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence (CERAI).
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