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Natália Šultysová

FIlantropia Foundation, Member of the Management Board

Natália Šultysová is a member of the board of the Philanthropy Foundation, dedicated to the education of autism. She is a mother of three, of which the youngest child is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder. She studied pedagogy and works in the private sector in the field of construction and development. In recent years she has devoted to the education of the broad public in the field of autism spectrum disorders.

  • How does IT relate to high-function autism?   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2019

    Did you know that Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Mozart, Carl Jung, or Lionel Messi were autistic? How does the IT world relate to high-function autism? Autistic children are focused on one issue in which they can excel at a young age. These children are fascinated by the IT world, but the school system has little understanding of them. If their potential is recognized by the IT world, they could achieve fantastic results.

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