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At the spring ITAPA conference on the vision of slovakia, resources for reform, but also innovations in healthcare, or the action plan for cyber security

In less than two months - on June 10, 2021, we will meet and believe that in person, at the Spring ITAPA 2021 conference in a traditional place in the Crowne Plaza Bratislava hotel.

What is the vision of Slovakia for the coming years?
You will learn at the beginning in the discussion of top representatives on the topic of how to make Slovakia a tiger in Central Europe. Our country is defined by a common vision. And we now need just one that will fill Slovakia with positive energy and that will mobilize people. Slovakia has ideas today, it has the resources, it has the opportunity. Now is the historic moment to become an example again, which with its reformist zeal will attract the attention of the whole region.

In the next section, we will talk about the Digital State within reach, and the aim of this panel is to describe the plan to build a truly functioning digital state by the end of the parliamentary term from four perspectives. The first is the front-end, that is, what citizens will see. Another is the architecture of the digital state, that is, how it will all work. The third is the actual implementation of the "project" of building the digital state, ie milestones, context, resources, outputs. Finally, there is the question of how to ensure efficiency and added value, so that we do not have to wonder for a few years whether it was worth the investment.

The Digital Economy also goes hand in hand with this topic. Slovakia has more than just a passive wait until the global trends of digital transformation come to us. We know trends and we can anticipate them. Why not focus on what Slovakia can be at the top? Is it artificial intelligence? Is it high performance counting? Is it support for innovation? You will also find out at the Spring ITAPA 2021.

The Resources for reforms are still a topic that we follow up on the ITAPA 2020 International Congress. Quite a lot of resources come to Slovakia. In fact, it seems even more than it can successfully absorb. The existing programming period is facing the problem of effective drawing money. At the same time, new ones need to be prepared. And with that comes the Renewal and Resilience Fund. So where are we really? Will we be able to exhaust the available resources and how do we stand preparing for the new period? In the discussion, we should find out when we will see the first calls and how the Recovery and Resilience Fund will actually work. And especially how to prepare for efficient and fast drawing, which moves the country forward.

Healthcare is already a regular part of ITAPA
In the first topic, we will talk about a fundamental change in the philosophy brought by the concept of Value Based Healthcare. The added value of healthcare for the patient in relation to costs is becoming important in the financing of healthcare. In countries where the concept has succeed, healthcare has become significantly more efficient and far more open to innovation. Is Value Based Healthcare a way for Slovakia as well?

The aim of the panel on the construction of Modern Hospitals of the European type will be to present successful projects for the implementation of health infrastructure in the EU with an emphasis on the region of Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Romania). We will focus on the process of preparation and implementation of the new University Hospital in Krakow, which was co-financed by ESI Funds. We will also present the projects of the Srebnjak Research Hospital in Croatia, Stradini in Riga and a network of new hospitals in Romania, also funded by the ESI Funds. The panel will also include a representative of the EIB, who will present the possibilities of co-financing health projects through "blended finance" and repayable resources.

And in the last block we will talk about why Slovakia is not a European leader in Digital Innovation in Healthcare. What must Slovakia do to be able to say this about it in the future? To support digital innovation in healthcare, we need to rethink the healthcare funding system, which does not take into account innovative practices and technologies. Public resources for digitization have apparently failed, and they have almost zero impact, especially in the health sector. During the panel, you will learn about specific examples of digital innovation.

Cyber Security Action Plan
We are in a world of rapidly deteriorating security situation in cyberspace. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, organized and causing more damage. The aim of the panel is to present a new way and measures by which the Slovak Republic protects itself against cyber security threats. However, you will also learn new information from manufacturers or companies that provide cyber security in various areas of our lives.

More detailed information about the lectures will be published soon. Watch the SPRING ITAPA 2021 PROGRAM and REGISTER today.

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