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Jozef Viskupič

Trnava self-governing region
Jozef Viskupič was born in 1976 in Trnava, he studied history and philosophy at Comenius University in Bratislava and mass media communication in Trnava. He lives with his family in Trnava. He is a co-founder of the ORDINARY PEOPLE and independent personalities movement. In the past, he worked as a project manager in many areas, organized many concerts and cultural events, founded a regional publishing house, is the author of a project of a network of Internet cafes, and also collaborated in the restoration of the Trnava amphitheater. In the period 2010-2017, he served as a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic in the capacity of Chairman of the Special Control Committee for Supervision of the National Security Office and…
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Richard Rybníček

Union of Slovak Cities
Since December 2010 he has been the mayor of the regional city of Trenčín and since June 2019 he has also been the president of the Union of Slovak Cities, which currently represents 61 Slovak cities. He has many years of experience in crisis management. Before Trenčians elected him the statutory of the regional town in Považie, he headed two Slovak televisions - JOJ and RTVS. In recent years, in addition to the management of the city of Trenčín, he has been mainly involved in the preparation of a fundamental document of public administration reform, not only within the municipal but also the entire state.
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Tomáš Černěnko

Ministry of Interior SR
Tomáš Černěnko, PhD., is working at the Ministry of the Interior for more than 2 years (Analytical and Methodological Unit, Institute of Administrative and Security Analyses) and for more than 15 years at the Department of Public Administration and Regional Development, Faculty of National Economy, University of Economics in Bratislava. In his research he deals with the issue of efficiency of the public administration system, smart governance and financing of local governments. Since 2018, he has been a permanent member of the Council of Europe's group of independent experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government.
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Dušan Velič

Ministry of investments, regional development and informatization SR
Dušan Velič is the State Secretary of the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic. He brings to his work experience from working at the academy and foreign institutions, or from cooperation with the Nobel Prize winner for physical chemistry, Professor Gerhard Ertl. He is still active as a professor at Comenius University in Bratislava and as a scientist at the International Laser Center, which he founded. He has devoted his entire life to the transfer of innovation. At MIRDI SR, he is currently responsible for investment management, creating a suitable environment for the development of innovations in many areas and regional development.  
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Radomír Brtáň

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