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Opportunity for a modern country is the theme that will open on the second day of the Spring ITAPA 2024 conference. Opportunities and solutions for how to use not only the nearly 20 billion euros of European funds but also the knowledge and human potential to build a better Slovakia will be interwoven throughout the entire professional program.

Wednesday, 19 June, will be dedicated to digital transformation, science, research, and healthcare, with individual presentations divided into more than fifteen panels. The second day will also be rounded off by a public ITAPA OPEN TALK, which will be open not only to conference participants.

How can science, research, and health care move our country forward, and how can we use education to transform the state in the future? ITAPA will present possible pathways in the panel From idea to implementation: using research, innovation, and education to transform the future. However, a modern Slovakia can only be built with educated and sufficiently motivated people. The private and public sectors in our country suffer from a lack of talent concentration. The country's development depends on research, innovation, and human capital. The Human Resources for a Modern Country panel puts an imaginative finishing touch to this program's content.

AI in healthcare: the future of medicine? AI-assisted cancer patient journey, AI regulation, and How AI is changing the industrial company are just a few of the topics of the second day linked by one common denominator, namely artificial intelligence. Choosing from a variety of speakers takes work. We, therefore, turn our attention to Spencer Deese from the USA, who is leading the development of innovative AI tools for cancer detection and treatment. Among others, he focuses on the ethical use of AI and data protection, covering the transformative potential of technology in advancing modern medicine.

The European Union's systematic green policy, a beacon of leadership and an example to follow, is a topic of significant importance. It's a real-world demonstration of creating value and managing organisations responsibly, transparently and ethically in line with ESG standards (ESG = Environmental, Social and Governance). This crucial aspect is the focus of the Innovative Approach to ESG panel in our conference program. The discussion, led by invited experts, will be introduced by a presentation on ESG certification and reporting by Martin Púček from CRIF.

The ambition to find solutions for the biggest challenges in oncology, cardiology, and neurology has set Mission Health as its goal. It is no coincidence that it will form the content of a separate panel, as well as the search for answers to the questions "How will we approach the management of the patient journey in a new way?", "Do you know how much a sick population actually costs the state?" and "Will genomics help us in prevention, and can it be used to introduce personalized medicine?". The mental health of young people in the age of digitalization also has its place in the program. The final ITAPA OPEN TALK will focus on the future of medical treatments - have you heard about the technologies used to regenerate damaged tissues and replace organs?

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