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Spencer Deese

Healthy AI, Washington DC, Chief Technology Officer
Spencer Deese is the Founder and CTO of Healthy AI Inc., where he leads the development of innovative AI tools for cancer detection and treatment. With a BA in Law and Society from American University, he has a diverse background, including founding Community Technologies, where he pioneered innovative solutions for local commerce. Spencer's work on the Healthy AI system has improved diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in medical imaging. His dedication to ethical AI usage and data privacy showcases the transformative potential of technology in advancing modern medicine.
  • Innovate to Heal: Transforming the Future of Medicine through AI and chat GPT   |   Jarná ITAPA 2024
    In his keynote Spencer Deese will explore the revolutionary impact of AI on healthcare. He will share his journey of developing advanced AI diagnostic tools that enhance the accuracy and efficiency of cancer detection. Spencer will discuss the rapid advancements in AI technology and its potential to transform medical diagnostics across various fields. He will emphasize the importance of ethical considerations and responsibilities in deploying AI in healthcare, highlighting the need to maintain trust and uphold ethical standards as technology progresses. Through his insights, Spencer aims to inspire a future where AI-driven innovations significantly improve patient care and outcomes.
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