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Zuzana Juráneková

IPčko, supervisor

In IPčko works as a supervisor of the Online field work project, which is devoted to active mapping of the online environment, search for risk groups, support and help to people in these groups, Internet phenomena and the creation of helpful content on the topics of mental health and the online environment.

She is part of the outgoing Crisis Intervention Team IPčko, which comes to people in crisis and currently operates on the borders of Slovakia and Ukraine, where it provides first psychosocial help and support to people affected by the war conflict. 

  • IPčko - Psychological help available in a few clicks   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
    IPčko is a group of psychologists, social workers and workers who are convinced that everyone must get help and support when they feel confused, weak, unhappy, disappointed, alone. The goal of IPčko is that people who find themselves in difficult and crisis situations have nonstop available and free professional psychological help and support. In fulfilling this goal, we use and connect the latest psychological knowledge with modern technologies. We want people to have psychological help available with a few clicks on their smartphones and computers.

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