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Vladimír Dzurilla

National Agency for Communications and Information Technology, Czech Republic

Vladimir Dzurilla graduated from Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, completed study stay in the Netherlands and studies at the British Open University.

He worked in Accenture, O2, and within the Ministry of Finance as a consultant and advisor in projects for the exchange and implementation of large IT systems and the implementation of organizational and process changes.

Since May 2016 up to the present day, he has served as Chief Executive Officer of the State Treasury of Shared Services Center, whose main task is to provide ICT services for the state administration and operation of the National Data Center. Since January 2018, he is also head of the National Agency for Communications and Information Technology, that creates strategies for non-public communication networks, including proposals for implementing appropriate security measures.

Vladimir Dzurilla also serves as Advisor to the Prime Minister for ICT and Digitization, and in February of this year he was appointed Government representative for IT and Digitization. Within this position, he creates a strategic concept Digital Czechia, which should help to a significant shift in the state IT. In October, this concept was approved by the government, and its implementation plans were to be developed by the end of the year.


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