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Wanda Buk

Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Digital Affairs, Poland
Responsibilities: Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Digital Affairs since July 2018. In 2016-2018 Director of the Digital Poland Projects Centre  She was in charge of EU funded projects worth over 2 billion euros, which involved among others laying down IT and telecommunication infrastructure, developing e-government services, digitalisation of cultural heritage, improvement of digital skills on a national scale (especially coding abilities),  nation-wide popularization of basic IT knowledge. She now supervises the work of the Department of International Policy, Department of Telecommunications and the Minister’s Office with regard to activities of the Digital Poland Projects Centre. Biography: Graduate of the Łódź U…
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Jiří Buriánek

Secretary-General, European Commitee of the Regions
Mr Jiří Buriánek has been Secretary General of the European Committee of the Regions since 1st September 2014. He served previously as Director at the Secretariat-General of the Council, responsible for network industries and European infrastructures, including digital and telecoms industry. Prior to this, he also served as Enlargement Manager at the EC's Joint Research Centre and as Secretary General of PostEurop, the European Restricted Union of the UN Special Agency of the Universal Postal Union uniting 42 European Universal Service Providers. Mr Buriánek is of Czech and German nationality.
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Vladimír Dzurilla

National Agency for Communications and Information Technology, Czech Republic
Vladimir Dzurilla graduated from Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, completed study stay in the Netherlands and studies at the British Open University. He worked in Accenture, O2, and within the Ministry of Finance as a consultant and advisor in projects for the exchange and implementation of large IT systems and the implementation of organizational and process changes. Since May 2016 up to the present day, he has served as Chief Executive Officer of the State Treasury of Shared Services Center, whose main task is to provide ICT services for the state administration and operation of the National Data Center. Since January 2018, he is also head of the National Agency for Communications and Information Technology, that create…
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Ferenc Vágujhelyi

National Council for Telecommunications and Information Technology, Hungary
Earned a physics teacher and programmer mathematician MSc degree at ELTE. 1995 – 1996       Philip Morris, financial systems developer. 1996 – 1997       ÁPV Rt., IT security expert. 1997 – 1999       IBM, project manager. 1999 – 2002       National Pension Insurance Administration, Deputy Director General. 2003 – 2010       Chairman and CEO of Professionál Zrt. 2010 – 2015       National Tax and Customs Administration, vice-chairman responsible for information technology. As of 21st November, 2015, he is the Chairman of the National Council for Telecommunications and Information Technology
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