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Roman Jaroš

DATALAN , Director of the Innovation Division
Roman Jaroš is known in the IT industry as a top expert focusing on the electronization of public administration. He has the technological know-how acquired over 25 years in several software companies, where he focused on the design and development of innovative solutions and products. He is also familiar with the development of DMS and ECM systems, and knows several programming languages. As part of his work at DATALAN, he covered several large-scale informatization projects of state institutions, and currently leads the newly opened Innovation Division.

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  • We are opening a modern office for you   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2021: Ako sa stať najlepším?
    The authorities in Slovakia can soon use a modern solution that brings the vision of modernization into real practice. It is a comprehensive and at the same time scalable solution based on technological tools that will ensure the electronicization of any agenda and the modernization of the processes of each office. With the gradual introduction of modern electronic services, the Office is able to streamline internal processes as well as electronicize the agenda and thus offer clients - citizens a higher level of services. The absolute result is the introduction of proactive services by the Office, which will significantly simplify the handling of various life situations of citizens.

    The solution consists of several functional and proven modules - creation and management of electronic forms, their publication on the portal of life situations, connection with CSRÚ integrations, including internal integrations to the registry and agenda systems of the Office. The modern component of the mobile application can bring the office closer to the citizens, who can be continuously informed about the status of processing individual applications. The use of a mobile application to convey information from the office's agenda systems directly to a citizen's smartphone is one of the biggest requirements of the modern digital age.

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