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Pavel Nácovský

Council and Academy for Smart City , Economist of Strategic and Developmental Activities and Innovation Projects. Marked "The personality of eGovernment of the Czech Republic".
Ing. Pavel Nácovský: focus on innovation management and its economy
I support innovative processes and public administration projects in the Digital Transformation verticals (including eGovernment and Smart City) - from support of overcoming mental block, through the proper definition of public services to support for project implementation and subsequent operations. I define expectations of change, their economic and kpi / cpi expressions. Efficient creation of operation documentation. Legislative accuracy of projects. Projects of cooperation and work with communities.
Founder of the RASC Expert Platform - Council and Academy for Smart City and consulting firm Panatec s.r.o. RASC is a professional platform to support the correct application of Digital Transformation. It focuses the most prominent experts from all the fields concerned.
More than 20 years of experience in public administration and in the commercial sector, the author of the Corporate Governance (Management of funded organization) project, the developer of pilot ICT Technological Center and several dozen other projects.
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