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Nelson Wang

Vice President of e-Toyou
  • National eHealth Program in Taiwan   |   Kongres ITAPA 2009: Art of eServices
    Since conceptual framework development began in 1990 for the nationwide Health Information Network Systems, Taiwan has successfully established and operated one of the world’s largest publicly funded national health insurance systems (NHI) and the Nation Health Information Network (NHIN), as well as implemented the integrated Hospital and Clinic Information Systems (HIS) to provide quality health care services to all citizens.
    With a fully integrated ICT infrastructure since its operation in 1995, a network of approximately 16,000 hospitals, clinics, medical centers, regional and community healthcare units, public and private health sectors and 5,000 pharmacies has been established, with continuous endeavours to improve service quality, system performance and budget source financing. Twenty  three million citizens and international residents in Taiwan have been benefited and protected by this national e-Health Program.
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