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Miroslava Michalíková

behind the cyber security team CyberGame
Graduate of the Department of Mathematics - Informatics and Studies in Journalism, with experience in electronic and print media. He has been working in the field of advertising and public relations for more than two decades, specializing in information technology.
  • This is not a Game, this is CyberGame   |   Jarná ITAPA 2022
    This is not a Game, this is CyberGame
    Europe lacks 168,000 cybersecurity professionals, Slovakia estimates that there are tens of thousands of experts. There is a lack of auditors and cyber security managers, project managers, forensic specialists in this field as well as teachers and trainers at all levels of education. Employers are looking for developers, architects and analysts.
    The demand for experts has been increasing in the last two years, as has the lamentation of their shortage.
    The dynamism of the sector is so huge that only intensive cooperation between different sectors will bring a solution.
    The first year of the cyber security game CyberGame became a contribution of the professional community to education and awareness-raising. Its course and results left us in a slight shock.
    So look at that. The first year of the cybersecurity game in numbers and experiences.
    The expert guarantor of the competition is the National Cyber Security Center SK-CERT.
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