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Michaela Galia Pallayová

The Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic, Head of the Data Office Department and Expert for legislation and law
Michaela Galia Pallayová is an expert in law and legislation with a focus on information technology and, thanks to her current work, also a data and business analyst. She gained knowledge of the functioning of state administration during her studies, when she worked at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic as a specialist in legislation. Subsequently, she changed the state administration for the private sphere, where in practice she checked the functioning of the state administration in handling various submissions, proposals and initiatives, including the pitfalls and possibilities of using digitization. In the current period, she makes use of her knowledge from application practice, newly acquired knowledge and extensive experience from the implementation of several national projects in the field of digitization and data sharing and develops other possibilities of using the achievements of modern information technologies in the field of public administration to facilitate the lives of citizens and entrepreneurs in solving a wide variety of life problems. situations while consistently respecting and preserving their rights at the Information Technology Section of the MIRRI public administration as head of the Data Office department.
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