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DISCUSSION on topic "Data in the state"

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Where is the data generated by the institutions? How to put it in order? Data is a valuable resource and basis for increasing the efficiency and quality of decision-making. But without a clear data policy, this potential will not be used.



Martina Le Gall Maláková

Industry Innovation Cluster Slovakia
She is dedicated to supporting the innovation ecosystem in the Slovak Republic, implementing the twin transition in both large and small enterprises (SMEs). It brings European initiatives such as EIT Manufacturing, Gaia–X to Slovakia. She is the co-founder of Slovak eDIH (SCDI). She is the founder of the Industrial Innovation Cluster (PIK), which supports joint international projects involving research in universities, practice, policy makers and the public. The number of these projects is still growing and they have reached the stage of invitations from leading countries for the participation of Slovak subjects in these projects. In 2021, PIK established together with MIRRI Gaia–X Hub Slovakia, which is involved in the Gaia–X initiative…
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Pavol Škápik

Ministry of Finance SR
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Michaela Galia Pallayová

The Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic
Michaela Galia Pallayová is an expert in law and legislation with a focus on information technology and, thanks to her current work, also a data and business analyst. She gained knowledge of the functioning of state administration during her studies, when she worked at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic as a specialist in legislation. Subsequently, she changed the state administration for the private sphere, where in practice she checked the functioning of the state administration in handling various submissions, proposals and initiatives, including the pitfalls and possibilities of using digitization. In the current period, she makes use of her knowledge from application practice, newly acquired knowledge and extensive e…
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Vojtech Bálint

DXC Technology
He works for DXC Technology as a solution architect, and has experience as a developer or analyst. He wants to connect business, application and technology perspective with an emphasis on the value it brings to the customer. For more than ten years, he has been working on agile development methods, including in the eGovernment environment. He likes to take on new challenges and, together with his team, he tries to motivate the people around him to create a good solution together.
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