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Martina Antošová

Martin University Hospital , Head of the Department of Biomedical Research and Clinical Studies and Senior Project Manager of the Department of Investment Construction
Martina Antošová specializes in the preparation and coordination of national and international projects from several sources of funding and the comprehensive implementation of these projects. She focuses mainly on applied research and clinical trials. He currently works as the leader and main coordinator of the project of the new University Hospital in Martin (St. Martin's University Hospital).

She participates in the preparation of strategic documents for the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic where she works as an advisor to the Secretary General of the Service Office and a visionary of the RIS3 Strategy for Intelligent Specialization in the Healthy Society domain in the preparation of new operational programs for drawing EU structural funds in Slovakia for the period 2021 – 2027. She participates in the vision of digitizing healthcare and implementing artificial intelligence into clinical practice. She is also a lecturer in the Medical Management specialization and a quality manager. She also participates in the support and organization of professional and scientific events, works as a reviewer in several professional and scientific journals, to which she also actively contributes. She is a member of several professional companies SLS, the European Respiratory Society, the International Society for Biobanking, etc.

  • Discussion "From idea to product in healthcare"   |   ITAPA HEALTH & CARE 2024
  • Keynote "Research and innovation as a basic pillar of modern healthcare"   |   ITAPA Health Lounge
    Clinical research is the basis of modern healthcare. Every drug you've ever taken, every device you've ever been examined with, every new process and every new treatment method that reaches a patient is all the result of clinical research and development. Adopting this global view of health research requires the promotion and support of scientific and innovation capacities, the innovative use of health institutions to share and build new knowledge,
    leadership and stabilization of managerial capacities. It is high time that we resuscitate the Slovak healthcare system in this area as well.
  • DISCUSSION: "Vision for Slovak healthcare for next 4 years"   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2023
  • Moderated by   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2023
  • DISCUSSION: "Level-up: how to raise the technological level in healthcare"   |   Jarná ITAPA 2023
    HealthHub will present services that will contribute to the digitization of the Slovak healthcare system. What should a proper digital transformation plan look like? How can we use artificial intelligence in healthcare today? And what should a properly secured health care provider look like from the point of view of cyber security?
  • Moderation   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2023
  • DISCUSSION "Artificial intelligence in medicine"   |   ITAPA HEALTH & CARE 2023
  • Panel moderated by   |   ITAPA HEALTH & CARE 2023
  • Moderated by Martina Antošová   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
  • Discussion on "missing human resources"   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
    Martina Antošová, Adviser to the General Secretary of the Service Office, Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic
    Slavomír Partila, he Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the SR
    Katarína Lanáková, The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the SR
    Ján Hargaš, MIRDI SR 
    Mário Lelovský, Digital Coalition
    Peter Ferjančík, Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic

  • Digital innovation in healthcare   |   ITAPA HEALTH & CARE 2022
    Digital innovation is a key tool in modernizing healthcare. But is our healthcare system even ready for that? And how specifically can digital innovation help? How can we accelerate the digitization of the Slovak healthcare system and support the deployment of digital innovations? How will the new resources from the Eurofunds and the Recovery Plan contribute to the effective deployment of digital innovations that will help both doctors and patients?
    Chairman: Samuel Arbe
  • What does hospitals need?   |   ITAPA HEALTH & CARE 2022
  • DISCUSSION: Digital innovation now! Why join the project of the Center for Innovative Healthcare   |   ITAPA Digital Talk: Digitálne inovácie hneď!
    The discussion will focus on the following topics:
    •     What will the European Digital Innovation Hub for Health offer and how to get involved?
    •     How to raise funds for the digitalisation of healthcare providers?
    •     What exactly is digital transformation and what will it bring?
    •     Why do central government need to digitize?
    •     What do hospitals need in digitization and what do smaller dispensaries need?
    •     How can advanced technologies be used in the Slovak healthcare system, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, or high-performance computing?
    •     How to use research capacities in Slovakia and how can Health and Care innovations be helped to start earning?

    Invited guests:
    Martina Antošová, Martin University Hospital
    Michal Ivantyšyn, ITAPA
    Andrej Krupa, Perry talents
    Peter Musil, Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava

    Samuel Arbe, Center for Innovative Healthcare

    Webinar participants will be given the opportunity to participate in the project. In addition, the interactive discussion will also serve as a basis for a better understanding of the needs of the health sector.

  • Innovation and Healthcare 5.0   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2021: Ako sa stať najlepším?
    The society in which we live is changing very dynamically, which is inevitably reflected in the change of the healthcare ecosystem. The technological development of recent years, together with the increase in the incidence of chronic diseases and the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, is increasingly accelerating research and development in medicine and related fields. Personalized medicine, new possibilities for early and rapid diagnosis, new treatments - several thousands of scientific publications are published in these areas every year. However, medicine is very adaptable, it not only creates innovations, but can also receive them very effectively. At present, it is almost impossible to separate it from the development of digitization, automation, robotics, etc. IoT, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, intelligent devices, bionics, sensors, 3D printing and bioprinting, the use of new materials, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, etc. are becoming a common part of it. It addresses the variable societal challenges associated with different periods of human life, while also respecting the traditional values and ethical aspects of these challenges. Will innovation in healthcare result in healthier living, or will new diseases and risks appear? And are we ready for it?
  • Discussion   |   ITAPA Digital Talk: Value Based Healthcare
  • DISCUSSION   |   Jarná ITAPA 2021
    panel speakers
    Martina Antošová, Center for Science, Research and Development Support Pavol Capek, NCZI
    Marian Faktor, DÔVERA Heath Insurance
    Štefan Korec, specialist in artificial intelligence in oncology
  • Discussion   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    Discussion of invited guests:
    Martina Antošová, Centrum pre podporu vedy, výskumu a vývoja
    Vladimír Dvorový, Svet zdravia
    Rastislav Karbas, Prosoft Košice
    Tomáš Rohožka, Asseco Central Europe
  • New hospital in Martina   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    What will the new university hospital in Martin be like? Work on the new hospital in Martin continues intensively. The project accepts global as well as regional requirements for excellent healthcare based on innovations in biomedicine and information technology. The entire hospital is designed according to processes that are specifically configured for the patient and his journey through the system. It meets all the original requirements - smart, green, teaching, research, personalization of the approach and planned health care based on quality and value orientation.
    The construction of a new state hospital that will educate future doctors and other health professionals and at the same time support innovations and processes leading to the improvement of the knowledge economy may be the first signal to improve the current state of health care in Slovakia in years.

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