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Keynote "Research and innovation as a basic pillar of modern healthcare"

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Clinical research is the basis of modern healthcare. Every drug you've ever taken, every device you've ever been examined with, every new process and every new treatment method that reaches a patient is all the result of clinical research and development. Adopting this global view of health research requires the promotion and support of scientific and innovation capacities, the innovative use of health institutions to share and build new knowledge,
leadership and stabilization of managerial capacities. It is high time that we resuscitate the Slovak healthcare system in this area as well.

Martina Antošová

Martin University Hospital
Martina Antošová specializes in the preparation and coordination of national and international projects from several sources of funding and the comprehensive implementation of these projects. She focuses mainly on applied research and clinical trials. He currently works as the leader and main coordinator of the project of the new University Hospital in Martin (St. Martin's University Hospital). She participates in the preparation of strategic documents for the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic where she works as an advisor to the Secretary General of the Service Office and a visionary of the RIS3 Strategy for Intelligent Specialization in the Healthy Society domain in the preparation of new operational programs for drawing EU …
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