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Martin Tuchyňa

Slovak Agency of Enviroment, Specialist for geoinformatics
After graduating from the Technical University in Zvolen, he has been working in the Slovak Environmental Agency since 2000. He focuses on the matters of geoinformatics and standardization of geoinformatics, concentrating on the activities related to building and operation of infrastructure of spatial information. From 2008 to 2012 he worked as a national expert appointed to work in the Joint Research Center of the European Commission in Ispra (Italy), where he participated in the process of creation of data specifications for topics determined in the INSPIRE Directive, specializing in topics from the field of biodiversity and energy resources.
  • Geoinformatics and its challenges   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2014: Future is TODAY

    Spatial data offer localization support for a number of activities and events for almost every aspect of our everyday life. Transparent and effective access to spatial data can enable interconnection to other non-spatial data creating new added value in content (new data), functionalities (new services and interfaces), and socio-economic benefits (new applications, work opportunities, income from tax on added value).

    The presentation will bring more information on how Open Data, INSPIRE and other activities can help to achieve this goal and what are the benefits and risks in specific conditions in Slovak Republic.

  • National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Slovakia: State of play, outcomes and challenges   |   Kongres ITAPA 2012: Zaostrené na výsledky
    Process of INSPIRE legislation development is about to be fulfilled, what will generate new requirements and challenges for involved stakeholders. Development of spatial data infrastructure on national level (NSDI) in Slovakia reflects this momentum taking into the consideration national specific circumstances. Technical conditions together with making available harmonised and interoperable data content will  allows the Member States  to create the environment, allowing utilization of geographical information systems. This will be connected with reduction of costs related to software and hardware and improvement for effectivity and quality of related services. This presentation will provide an overview of current status with summary of achieved outcomes and outlook for activities and challenges potentially influencing on further NSDI development, implementation and maintenance.  
  • Hot news in GIS   |   Kongres ITAPA 2008: Breaking with Traditions
  • Sharing of spatial data   |   Kongres ITAPA 2004
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