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Luke Ravenscroft

Behavioural Insights Team, Principal Advisor with the Behavioural Insights Team and Head of International Programmes
Luke is a Principal Advisor with the Behavioural Insights Team and Head of International Programmes. He is currently running behavioural trials with the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Since joining the team, Luke has worked on a range of policy issues such as obesity and diabetes, SME growth, financial inclusion and maternal health.

Prior to working with the Behavioural Insights Team, Luke worked for Ideas42 in India on two large public health trials, one on nutrition and one on alcohol. Prior to that, he worked at a large consultancy firm. Luke holds a degree in Economics from University College London (UCL) and a master’s from the University of Cambridge.
  • Discussion   |   Jarná Itapa 2018
  • Can Behavioural Insights Improve Public Policy in Slovakia?   |   Jarná Itapa 2018
    During the presentation we will talk about behavioural economics and how psychological theory and an experimental approach can have real policy impact. We will also give a first-hand account of the work of UK Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) (or Nudge Unit as we quickly became known). The questions the presentation will try to cover are:
    • What are some of the big successes of applying behavioural insights to policy?
    • What are the challenges? What hasn't worked?
    • How BIT managed to overcome some of the early skepticism of applying psychology to public policy? 
    • How do we make policy more evidence based?
    • (more speculatively...) what could this mean for public policy in Slovakia?

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