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Julio Risotto López

President, KryptoLab Inc., Peru
Mr. Julio Rissotto has occupied number of senior positions in the field of eGovernment, especially the document protection management projects in Uruguay and Peru. The special focus has dedicated to design and integration of security systems, encryption theory in Seoul, Korea. The recent activities are oriented to protect ID and other official documents applied by central and municipal governments.

Some of last successful projects:
•    Notarios-SUNARP eGovernment Project 2006-October 2007
•    2D-SIS Infomark Code for Birth Certificates and Commercial Licenses, Lima Peru, 2006-2007
•    WPX code for Driver’s License, integrated database system and control verification system MTC (Ministry of Transport and Communications) Lima, Peru, 2006
•    Design and installation of PGP Encryption, Key Management and Digital Signatures, CNI (Central Intelligence Agency)  Lima Peru 2001 
•    Management and Chief of design team, Project TIDASS Lima Peru 1999.

Mr. Julio Rissotto has university degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering.
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