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Franz Bailom

in-manas, Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO of two thriving global enterprises:
- in-manas (Intelligent Management Solutions) Since 2016. Pioneering an innovative software platform equipped with specialized AI tools tailored for companies, countries, regions, and clusters.
- IMP (Innovative Management Partner) Since 2010, exit in 2015. Led an international consulting firm dedicated to strategic planning and innovation.
Author and co-author of impactful management books, e.g. Enduring Success – What Top Companies Do Differently and international research papers, with a focus on advancing strategies and fostering innovation across various industries. Lecturer in prominent international management programs, previously serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Innsbruck. Specialized in delivering courses on strategy and innovation.
Key Achievements:
Instrumental in shaping corporate strategies for numerous companies.
Acknowledged for pioneering and innovative problem-solving approaches.
Recognized for significant contributions to academic research in the realms of strategy and innovation.
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