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Filip Kadeřábek

Asseco Central Europe, Utility Business Unit Director
Filip Kadeřábek studied geodesy at Brno University of Technology and the Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography at Masaryk University. He started his career at Berit as a GIS consultant and analyst, among others on the project of the information system of the Real Estate Cadastre for ČÚZK. He continued as a project manager by implementing complex information systems for utilities in Logic. In 2005, he used his experience in information systems for utilities and co-founded the consulting company SAPCON. He left the company in 2011 after the acquisition by itelligence and then spent several years leading projects mainly in the Balkans. In 2015, he rejoined Berit, which is currently part of Asseco Central Europe, where he has been the director of the Utility business unit since 2020.
His work for Asseco is mainly associated with the launch of a new generation of products for Asset Management, Geographic Information System and process support under the SAMO brand.

  • Asseco SAMO as a platform (not only) for Smart City   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    Every city can be smart. Due to the complexity of the way cities are managed, financed, planned and operated, there is currently no fixed definition of "Smart City". The concept of 'smart cities' can be described as a process by which a city becomes more efficient, more attractive to residents and businesses, and more environmentally friendly.

    Modern management requires accurate and up-to-date data. One way to build a smart city database is to use an open platform. Platform Asseco SAMO is designed for technical infrastructure managers as well as for the Smart City area, where the central module, spatial database of technical equipment and other infrastructure assets, is a natural unifying environment for evaluating and presenting data from smart devices. Combined with the use of Open Data technology, Open API and data sharing based on open standards, it provides tools for creating significant added value, either through its own applications or by providing data and functions to third-party applications. It is not just a simple presentation and innovative data processing using advanced geographic system features; SAMO also provides tools for reliable operation of the smart city infrastructure, information support for maintenance processes, operational security and further development, as well as ensuring a variety of urban agendas using data interoperability, including enabling electronic operations and online access to digitized data.

  • Discussion   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    Discussion of invited guests:
    Michal Bróska, PosAm
    Dagmar Ceľuchová Bošanská, Futuristiq
    Filip Kadeřábek, Asseco Central Europe
    Viliam Kall, Veľký Šariš
    Miroslav Kulla, Východoslovenská energetika
    Malvína Melkovičová, Resco
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