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Discussion of invited guests:
Michal Bróska, PosAm
Dagmar Ceľuchová Bošanská, Futuristiq
Filip Kadeřábek, Asseco Central Europe
Viliam Kall, Veľký Šariš
Miroslav Kulla, Východoslovenská energetika
Malvína Melkovičová, Resco

Dagmar Ceľuchová Bošanská

Dagmar Celuchova Bosanska founded companies Alistiq and CareWave and is an expert in innovations and digital transformations with many years of experience. In a data-driven era, she helps states and cities to come up with new solutions and offer value-added services to their citizens and businesses. Dagmar studied information technology, mobile communications and statistical signal processing at the Vienna University of Technology where she was also a part of a research team developing technology simulators for the fourth-generation mobile networks. In the company Frequentis, she was responsible for the safety and correct implementation, integration and optimization of the world’s first IP-based radio networking and communication system …
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Malvína Mária Melkovičová

At Resco, she focuses mainly on the analysis and simplification of work processes in local governments through the Better Community (Lepšia obec) system. She brings ideas for innovations and changes for the system and local governments. Her tasks include configuring the Better Community solution according to the needs of individual municipalities and maintaining the system in respective cities. She also takes care of the civic application Better Community so the communication between the citizen and the local government runs smothly.
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Michal Bróska

Michal has been working at PosAm since 2009. He has worked for more than 10 years in the field of IT operations and outsourcing in Slovakia, Germany and Switzerland. Since 2013, he has been responsible for the product development of the intelligent parking platform ParkDots and GPS vehicle monitoring Commander. He is a graduate of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.
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Miroslav Kulla

Východoslovenská energetika
Miroslav Kulla completed his university studies with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Paris Business School in France. Prior to that, he successfully graduated from the Faculty of Management at Comenius University in Bratislava. He has been working in the VSE Holding Group since 2005. Miroslav Kulla is the sales director of Východoslovenská energetika and the managing director of Innogy Slovensko. It is responsible for the purchase and sale of electricity and natural gas, for investments in innovation and new technologies, as well as for the promotion of comprehensive energy and product solutions for customers.  
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Filip Kadeřábek

Asseco Central Europe
Filip Kadeřábek studied geodesy at Brno University of Technology and the Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography at Masaryk University. He started his career at Berit as a GIS consultant and analyst, among others on the project of the information system of the Real Estate Cadastre for ČÚZK. He continued as a project manager by implementing complex information systems for utilities in Logic. In 2005, he used his experience in information systems for utilities and co-founded the consulting company SAPCON. He left the company in 2011 after the acquisition by itelligence and then spent several years leading projects mainly in the Balkans. In 2015, he rejoined Berit, which is currently part of Asseco Central Europe, where he has been the…
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Viliam Kall

Veľký Šariš
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