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Ervín Gyuran

Tax and Customs Section of the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic, Senior officer – Risk Management and Information Support Department of the Risk Management and Operational Division
Ervín Gyuran graduated on the Dubnica Institute of Technology in  Dubnica nad Váhom. He began to gain his practical experiences in service for the Customs Office in Štúrovo and the Customs Office in Nitra, later for the Customs Directorate of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava. Since 2012 he operates in the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic, where he is responsible for the single agenda in the area of development the product market which is focused on specific types of goods, implementation the related analytical activities and database management of the data generated from single bodies of Financial Administration.

His activities also include the monitoring and evaluation of the Financial Administration databases and information systems, and also the agenda in the field of saving and distributing the information for the risk analysis area. He prepares and coordinates the gaining of information related to management outcomes for the Financial Administration managers at various levels of management.

He is responsible for managing the intranet portal sites in the field of risk analysis and for managing. He prepares and performs the specialized trainings for the purpose of Financial Administration, including the IT support for mass data processing.
  • The function of self-service analytical tools in decision process of Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2014: Future is TODAY
    The periodwhen a request for a report from contractor was the first step in obtaining an information, and this process took days or weeks, is coming to its end. It no longer responds to modern needs. For high quality decisions done in real time it is necessary to have high quality data. The Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic managed to move a part of the agenda into the hands of department of risk control and information support of Department of risk management and operation activities under the Section of tax and customs of Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic. The presentation will summarize starting point, implementation process and final benefits of the project. 
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