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Dominika Kormanová

Amazons - Civic association, President of the Association
Dominika Kormanová was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. When she heard the dire diagnosis, her burgeoning business career was brought to a screeching halt overnight. She felt the lump herself, did not wait and immediately reported to the doctor. Thus began a difficult carousel - diagnostics, operations and treatment. During this difficult time, she went through days when she was afraid of what would come in the coming weeks and days when she believed that the treatment would only be a temporary period in her life. She got to know the Amazons when she needed it most, she met women who best understood what was going through her mind. She began to actively participate and help during the treatment, and after 5 years she became the new president of the association.
He carries out this mission voluntarily in addition to his employment. All the funds that the association receives are used to help the members, who are mostly in the most difficult period. And so OZ Amazonky, which may not be as well known in the media as other associations, is always a support and hope for women who need it the most in a given period. Under the leadership of Dominika Kormanová, the association became part of the multinational organization Europa Donna, where we, as Slovakia, have the opportunity to participate in European debates about prevention, diagnosis, treatment, as well as the life of patients in the metastatic stage.
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