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David Rimmer

Hewlett-Packard EMEA, Director Global Government Industry
David Rimmer is the leader of HP’s Global Government Industry. This is a team of global subject matter experts in Government whose role is to identify future trends, share HP experience across borders and develop ‘best practice’ solutions to government business problems. With a background in strategic consulting, systems implementation, and process improvement, David has extensive experience in working collaboratively with governments around the world to meet today’s challenges.
David is also the world-wide leader for Public Finance and Administration, covering tax, revenue collection, customs, treasury and back-office administration, such as human resources and finance and administration.
Over the course of his career, David has successfully set up several businesses including a financial exchange in London’s City.

  • Navigating Difficult Times   |   Kongres ITAPA 2010: Tam, kde sa svety stretávajú
    Government Chief Information Officers (CIOs) will have to take a strategic view to navigate the economic downturn because government finances will take many years to recover. Government CIOs will have to reduce the costs of IT to run the business to free up funds for IT investment in business improvement projects. In addition, they will have to overhaul governance to increase return on investment in project spend. Finally, the scale of the challenge is such that they will have to explore “disruptive solutions” with potential to make breakthroughs in performance, whether disruptive technologies, sourcing solutions or business models.
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