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Bela Mriňáková

I. Oncology Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University and OÚSA , clinical oncologist

Bela Mriňáková has been dedicated to clinical oncology at the Oncological Institute of St. Elizabeth and the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University since 2006. In her clinical practice, she treats patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Drawing from her international experience at the Institute Jules Bordet in Belgium, she decided to focus her attention mainly on the development and treatment of brain metastases, rare subtypes of breast cancer, treatment of men with this diagnosis, treatment of cancer during pregnancy and the field of oncofertility. Additionally, she actively engages in awareness campaigns, patient advocacy and breast cancer prevention. Her scientific activity concentrates on translational research and clinical research exploring innovative treatment modalities for breast cancer. Leveraging her expertise in healthcare systems and management, she contributes to projects involving electronic healthcare and pioneering telemedicine solutions in oncology. Her collaboration with renowned oncology centers abroad underscores her impact and commitment to advancing cancer care beyond Slovak borders.

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